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A Fresh Start

Like many people my age, I am attached to my clothes. I keep stuff that I haven't worn in years because maybe I'll need it or fit it one day. Occasionally I would give stuff away, like when I went to college and moved into my first apartment. But I never like cleaning out my closet.

Ever since giving birth and dealing with postpartum, breastfeeding, and weight gain, I wear the same 5-7 things all the time and now with my weight loss journey, I figured it was time to look at my closet. For years I wanted to reinvent myself with a new body and now that I'm working on my body I finally feel ready to start fresh. I'm pretty sure I cut my wardrobe in half. I threw out everything from underwear to some of my favorite everyday clothes to shoes. It wasn't about what doesn't fit or what doesn't get worn. It was about what is representing the old me. Stuff that I wore partying sophomore year of college can leave or something that I associate with an unpleasant memory of my past was tossed. Even stuff that kept me in my comfort zone as my body went through postpartum is out of here. I had to free myself.

I didn't realize it would be some emotional but it was. It was like I was throwing away the version of me that I wasn't happy with. All those jeans that I haven't worn in a year or the outfits I put on and then feel fat in so I put it back in the drawer, served me no purpose. I want clothes that make me feel good about myself every step of the way. But I would be lying if I didn't say I kept a couple of things that I really want to wear when I reach my goal. Little by little I plan to add to my wardrobe and throw more stuff out.

Just do it! If you're considering starting fresh with your appearance, your weight, your spirit, your life go for it! As moms we deserve resets too. I mean everything around us is pretty different and if you feel different that's ok. It's nothing wrong with having an attachment to your clothes or putting time and effort into them. That's one of the ways we express ourselves, especially as women. So in this journey to acceptance of you being more than a mom, take a look at your closet. Sometimes the smallest things have the greatest impact.


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