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Breast milk is magic✨ Here are some tips and tricks on how to use it.

Hey mommas! If you are breastfeeding/ pumping or thinking about it, you probably already know that it has soooo many benefits for your baby. People call it liquid gold. However, so much of it gets wasted by pumping and dumping if we take some medication, self-medicate, or just want a couple of shots and margaritas. If we knew ALL the things we could do with it, we wouldn’t waste an ounce.

Since I joined this mommy world, I have learned so much from other moms, other blogs, and TikTok. #MomTok is the place to be! I learned so much that it’s only right that I put y’all hip.

For the milk that you would normally pump and dump here are some helpful things you can do.

  1. Use it for cradle cap and eczema - I don’t have a scientific explanation for why it works I just know it does. When Yo Yo started to get cradle cap I would put the breast milk on her hair and eyebrows (yes babies can get it on their eyebrows), let it soak, and then start using shampoo and rake out the cradle cap. Mineral oil also helps too.

  2. Baby acne - PUT SOME BREAST MILK IN YOUR BABY’s BATH! It does not hurt. Especially in the summer when they get heat bumps or if they have dry skin put maybe 1-2 ounces in the bath. It won’t leave them sticky as long as you wash them up normally. If you're really up for it, mix it with lavender and different things and make soap.

  3. Pink eye, stuffy nose, and ear infections - I have not personally tried the pink eye or ear infection trick simply because she hasn’t had one yet, but I use breast milk like saline spray. It helps break down their mucus and clear up their congestion. It’s literally medicine. Even some adults use it for their own minor situations.

I still recommend pumping your non-tainted milk as well because there as some cool things you can do with it too besides making a bottle and taking a nap.

  1. Teething Popsicles - We just started teething and it's rough! I was not prepared at all. I can't wait for my little one to be able to grab things full to start giving her teething popsicles. My cousin just taught me this little trick. The coldness of the popsicle plus the taste of the breast milk is honestly genius. I'm really excited for this to start helping our teething phase.

  2. Home-made baby food - Just like popsicles this is something I haven't tried yet but, like I said, I be on #MomTok and I've already seen some cool recipes where they use their breastmilk to incorporate into various dishes. I think this is useful when trying to get your baby to try new foods or to even still get all their nutrients.

  3. Y'all know that preemies are dear to my heart so something to think about is donating excess milk to the NICU. When I had Yohanna, it almost took me a full day to get some milk flowing so she had donor milk for the first day. It was extremely helpful because I was not comfortable using formula and it gave me some time to get my life. The only thing I would suggest is that you donate when you know for sure that you don't need the milk or when you are finished. breastfeeding because milk goes faster than you think. Trust me!

I know that pumping and breastfeeding are not as easy as our elders made it seem but it is worth it. Some nights I really have to remind myself of that but then I learn stuff like this. Breast milk literally evolves with your child. In the morning it has higher levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that produces alertness. At night it is higher in melatonin which helps people sleep. It even gives your baby different things as they age. However, never feel like you have to breastfeed or pump. Fed is best, however that looks for you and your little one(s). Formula babies grow up to be just as strong, smart, and happy. Do what works for you.


Thanks for reading!

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