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Why I Decided Daycare Was a Good Fit!

Life comes at you fast. One minute I’m pregnant and next thing I know Yohanna is 9 months and starting daycare. I’m not ready☹️. But her dad and I have gotten jobs and this is going to be our new normal.

I know there is a lot of different opinions about daycare, stay-at-home moms and child care in general. I hear all the stories about the horrors of day care but for my family that is just not our narrative. My mom put all of me and my siblings in daycare by 3 months and for my boyfriend it was the exact opposite. His mom stayed home and worked at night until each kid was 3 whereas both my parents worked in the day. I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle.

I’m like a part-time SAHM. For 9 months both of us were home full time. I stopped my masters program when I gave birth for multiple reasons and I started to pursue my dream of content and creating. Now Columbus (that’s what I call my bf) has an amazing full time job and I am the assistant and social media manager for my wax specialist (working from home). And it all happened at once.

I know some people feel like if I‘m working from home then I can watch her as well. I can but I’m not. I definitely feel like I lost myself in breastfeeding and motherhood. While my postpartum depression is gone, I still don’t feel like an individual outside of being Yo’s mommy. So this is giving me my time. Yes it’s work but it’s something I love to do and it’s flexible so that I can still be there for Yo whenever she needs. on top of that I am blessed with an amazing day care lady.

Daycare fear is real and separation anxiety is even realer. I too would not trust a stranger with my baby and I miss her all day. However our lady watched my brother and cousins who are now 30 and everybody in between. My 3 year old niece is also going to that daycare right now. So to say I’m comfy is an understatement and I don’t ever take that for granted.

The reason I share my story is because maybe somebody relates or maybe someone wants to know how this daycare thing Is going and if so, I’ll document it! Do it because you want to and don’t feel rushed or like a bad mom for whatever you choose. Every family is different and every baby is different. I would say research daycare if you are considering it and more than anything pay attention and listen to your kids. If Yo was coming home quiet and acting different, I would more than likely pull her out. I hope this helps someone because at the end of the day all of us are just tryna figure this thing out. And we will!


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